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We Love Exploring!


City LIving connects people with events, venues and activities to let you explore and share, unique, fun experiences. 

You're not living until your City Living!

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CityLvn is a mobile app which brings consumers together with merchants/venues that host events, activities, classes, etc. that are unique and cool to do around popular cities.  This app is unique because it helps people easily filter, search and book cool events and activities, which are hard to find or secret gems in the city.   

Whether you are exploring your own city or visiting another, CityLvn users are in full control to answer the questions, "what are we doing this weekend?", "What can I do now?", "What is new around me?".  CityLvn also took exploring to a new level by allowing you to find places and things you like to do, but also identify venues that share your values (e.g. environment, human rights, children, animals, etc.)

Get Exploring and Get Living!






325 W Huron St. Suite 220

Chicago, IL. 60654

Tel: 312-270-0412

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